Hello and welcome to Epiphany Road! I’m Robbie Taylor. I am an IT Systems Librarian with a public library system in Florida, an Air Force Veteran, a seminary graduate and ordained pastor. At 21 years old I had a radical spiritual awakening to the God of Israel and have been studying ever since in both Jewish and Christian circles. I continue to actively study the Tanakh in Hebrew and English, and the Christian New Testament in Greek and English as well. I was Torah observant as a young man, studied at a Christian seminary and was a parish pastor for 15 years.

The stories I offer on this website are actual stories that have happened to me involving actual people I have met and worked with in a variety of circumstances and situations. Since I believe that things happen for a reason, I also believe that these stories could possibly help others along their path through this life. I don’t claim to be an expert and I’m not going to tell anybody what they must do or what they must believe. That is for the reader to determine. I simply offer my experiences and understanding that may help others in their situations and understanding. If I have helped, I am grateful.

I continue to learn that life is a spiritual journey we are each bound to travel. From it’s darkest moments to the most glorious, we are all on that road together. Some say it is a narrow way and others say that many roads end up at the same place. One thing for certain is that we are each at a different place along that road. And like any road, there are wonders to be seen, dangers to be avoided and lessons to be learned. The goal of Epiphany Road is to help you along your path. So welcome and may you be blessed along the way!

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